Sunday, June 19, 2005

Sit. Stay. Learn. *pats*

I was inspired by this other very amusing blogger to share some interesting tidbits about sleep with you.

Did you know that once you reach adulthood your slow decrease in nighttime sleep is because your brain is slowly rotting. So, it's not that you need less sleep as you get older. You will feel more tired/sleepy during the day as you get older, meaning u still need as much, you're just not getting it. Your brain is slowly losing the ability *to* sleep.

In fact, there is debate among sleep researchers whether really old people still experience one of the key phases of sleep (Stage 4 delta wave deep sleep for u technical people).

Yup, its true. I have an honors degree so nerrrr. Your brain is shrinking and tangled messy knots are forming.

So to summarise: older = brain rotting = less sleep.

I suspect this is also why older people don't like rock music and stop thinking during tv. Well, a part of it :P


Anonymous said...

Please tell me you're joking. I started experiencing this at age 11. Where is my brain going??? AARGHH!


hoobyjuice said...

no no, quite serious :P told you, honors degree heh. but nah, this bad stuff doesnt start to
happen till u get older, like late 20s or so. *loox around for lost graph* cos then ur a full
grown adult and start ur slow slide downhill. maybe u were like me and too busy jerking off at 11 to sleep heh.