Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Don't read this sentence

I fawkin told you! *punches u in the balls* :P


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Juice,

As a long time reader, first time writer, I fail to see the 'sentence' of which you speak. What is apparent however, is the folly in your post. As Wordsmyth Dictionary defines a sentence is: "a grammatically complete unit in either writing or speech, marked by a clear beginning and a full stop and usu. expressing an independent statement, question, command, or the like." And as your post is marked with a clear beginning, and arguably aims to express something, it lacks finality in the form of a "full stop" or other method of punctuality, thus rending it at best an amusing sidebar.

So to you kind Sir, *punches YOU in the balls just as hard* I bid you a good day!



hoobyjuice said...

heeeeeeeeeeeee-yah! *karate kicks u in the nutsac* bwahahaha

me so fuhnie.