Saturday, April 29, 2006

Calves and Rear Ends

I discovered strong calves are really good for standing on tippy toes so I can watch the stripper cop on the stage at the bar. Being short is a curse but all those calf raises really paid off. The stripper was a sexy hunk but he didnt show it all *dissapointed face*. This was a special event as one of the owners, a chick, was having a hens/bachlorette night.

Also, does seeing a hot stripper make up for dinging a BMW? I put a minor dent in an old BMW while parallel parking. The guy was lovely about it. Good thing we're all qweens :D

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Accidental Date With A Semi Porn Star

Yeah, I went on date with this guy who has done some amateur porn movies, like 3 so far and has 2 more to go on his contract. And like, I din realise it was supposed to be a date date. I thought we could just be friends. I think he wants to pork me. Or, more accurately, wants to be porked by me. He wants to go to the gym with me so he can perv on me and spot me and stuff. The slut :P