Tuesday, October 18, 2005

"Emu taking a vicious dump"

I am sorry I didnt think of this first... I agree with the author, it rather does make you reconsider the value of humanity *snicker*


student nurse said...

You are frickin' hilarious. This is the most entertaining blog I've come upon. Thank you. I occassionally --not often, mind you-- just roam, and I'm usually disappointed. If you've wandered around at all, you'll know exactly what I mean: 13 year olds writing bad poetry about death. I know, it's cute and angsty and all... but it's not my bag. I don't think you'd be interested in my blog, by the way: it really just serves as a newsletter to family and friends re:how Nursing School is going. I just wanted to write a (no-so) quick note to you saying I'm thoroughly enjoying your bits and look forward to the next.

hoobyjuice said...

Oerrr, a nurse... I was hoping you were a male nurse ;) Then I could be your tewwibly naughty, naughty patient... maybe even take my temperature rectally *giggles*

I suppose female nurses are okay too :P Maybe you're sassy like Nuse Carla on Scrubs. *snaps fingers* You go girlfriend!