Thursday, July 28, 2005

Published author!

Yes, yes! Dats right! Me, moi, is going to be a bona fide published author. *bows*

I won an international writing competition run by the European Space Agency. You can read my short story here. It was on the theme of 'space elevators'. No, no, its not as silly as it sounds. (It's actually an energy efficient way of getting into space. I suppose it would sound less silly if it had a dumb name like
"Hyper Efficient Orbital Transfer System")

My story is gunna be published in a book later this year *beams*.


Richard said...

Congratulations Hooby !!!!!!!!! SO thats where you have been for the past month. On a space elevator. I might have known.

C.C. Goremay said...
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C.C. Goremay said...

Ohhh.. Your very own ISBN. I am so proud! :)